Mific (mific) wrote,

Help wanted

I may have mentioned -- just once or twice -- that I hate tumblr!
That said, sometimes I need to look things up on it or locate a specific post, like right now when I'm doing fanart recs in a fandom that's big on tumblr.

I did finally figure out how to be on a particular tumblr user's blog and then do a tag search within their posts - not that bloody tumblr's any help whatever for it. You have to code it into the browser like:  http://username.tumblr.com/tagged/actual-tag-you-want
so in my own near-abandoned tumblr, the search for any works I did for the yuletart challenge is:  http://mific.tumblr.com/tagged/yuletart
And then to bring up the individual post itself you have to click on the damn DATE of the post you want. Whut? How was anyone supposed to know that? Trial and multiple errors, believe me. Horrid, horrid interface.

So please, guys, if anyone knows how to search effectively on tumblr across multiple blogs, let me know or link me? What I mean is that I need to be able to do a tag search in tumblr as a whole, on MORE THAN ONE TAG.
Tags: halp, tumblr woes

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