Mific (mific) wrote,

D minus in Food Chemistry, and some art

Made a bizarre smoothie today by by blending milk with kiwifruit and honey (we were out of bananas). It turns out there's an enzyme in kiwifruit that breaks down and coagulates milk products so it ended up glutinously thick and weird-tasting. Who knew?

In other news, I've been arting a bit.

1. I did complement art in the C6D_due South Big Bang:

Tributes - 6 images for [personal profile] darlas_mom's dS/Hunger Games fusion AU 'Panem et Circenses'  (Bread and Circuses). I'm happiest with the Arena diptych portraits which are in muted colours for a cold wilderness feel. The parade ones were just a bit of fun to play with costume details in the fic. Had to age the characters down to late teens, which was an interesting challenge.

Cover and Art for the podfic of "He Hadn't Stopped Christmas from Coming" read by[personal profile] desireearmfeldt. A geat Ray/Ray/Fraser story, and an excellent reading.

2. I was seized by the need to put John and Rodney in Caravaggio paintings (Adventures With Fruit, another in my "Famous Artworks" series). I'm really happy with how these worked out and it's interesting to see how my technique's improved in doing blended art since I started the series back in 2011. I've learned some new tricks since then, and am also a bit braver about altering details where needed, like body parts, light source highlights, and just wholesale painting bits in as required. In the John one, the proportions of the arms were those of a boy not a man so I had to adjust that, and of course I added the oranges to Rodney's painting, plus some other Caravaggio fruit to balance it. 

In less good news, I'm procrastinating stupidly with my Apocalypse Kree story and only have 500 words or so, although I have til the end of the month to post it. I had hoped to do a moderate-sized story and am trying not to let it be a token gesture like last year. Mum hasn't been well so life's been worrying and tiring, and when things are like that art distracts me but writing fiction's much more of a challenge. We saw the GP though and it's a chest infection, so she's already a bit better. 

I have my SGA Santa and due South Santa assignments now, so there'll be plenty of opportunities for more stupid procrastination ahead!
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