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Dear Yuletide Writer

Hello! Delighted you picked a fandom I love! I'm pretty easy to please - well, certainly in this as I'll love whatever you choose to do in any of these fandoms. I read widely and in lots of fandoms, and although I read more slash overall, I like gen and occasional het. I'm very hard to squick and I like all ratings, tropes and kinks, with the possible exception of extreme crack and extreme Harlequin-type fluffiness. If you want to go dark that's okay, and I do like non-con and mind-control kink, but I'd prefer a hopeful ending overall.
Anyway, the main thing is that you write something that you'll enjoy, and ignore the notes below if inspiration takes you in a different direction.

A Land Fit for Heroes - Richard Morgan 
I specified Ringil Eskiath, Archeth Indamaninarmal and Egar Dragonbane as characters.
The books are readily available and I'm assuming if we matched on this one that you have them, or have read them. If not I STRONGLY recommend this amazing fantasy trilogy: The Steel Remains, The Cold Commands - and The Dark Defiles which is only just out in the USA. As in my sign-up, I haven't read the Dark Defiles so please just canon details from the first two books, and no spoilers for Dark Defiles.
Happy with anything you want to attempt, like an expansion on canon, or backstory, or a canon AU that deviates from canon. I'm also open to a complete AU that puts these three characters in a different setting entirely, as long as you can keep them in character.

Hark! A Vagrant 
I specified the Nemesis captains, the Strong Female Characters, and Brown Recluse Spiderman (but as below, not really thinking of them all together). This request is cunningly two in one.
I'd either like the Nemesis captains by themselves - getting together somehow, although more flirting and pining is also excellent. I love them both and would like to see them having an adventure, shipwrecked together (maybe both their crews get fed up with them and mutiny, sending them off in lifeboats?)  What are their personalities? How much product does the handsome guy use on his forelock?  Or the Nemesis captains brought together by combating the Strong Female Characters - the SFCs could be pirates!
OR: I love Brown Recluse Spiderman and would like to see how he'd handle the Strong Female Characters, like how they'd work together fighting a supervillain! Chaos would ensue, I suspect. Could he survive the SFCs? Who'd bite who? Heh. (By the way, if you want to incorporate other Hark! comic characters as well as the ones I've specified, feel free).
(And I found another Nemesis strip - it's the second panel down on this page) 

Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie 

I specified Justice of Toren One Esk Nineteen|Breq, Seivarden Vendaai, Tisarwat, Anaander Mianaai. Again, these books are readily available - look to be the initial two of maybe a trilogy as well. I'm assuming that you'll have read them or have them if we matched on this fandom: Ancillary Justice and Ancillary Sword. Once again, if you haven't read them I highly recommend them - great sci-fi with interesting worldbuilding. See this recent review of Ancillary Sword.
Anything in this world, really, but especially from Ancillary Sword, either:
Breq/Seivarden - becoming lovers, situational or comfort sex, Seivarden helping Breq realise she's more human than she thinks, etc.
Or Tisarwat fascinates me - how much of Anaander Minaai remains and how much of Tisarwat, and what might make that balance shift in the future? Character study, deviation from canon, backstory about what was done to her and how her brain works now, or what if she encountered Anaander Mianaii again at some stage?

Snowpiercer (2013) 
I specified Curtis Everett, Grey, Edgar, Mason. I'm a huge Chris Evans fan, so please feature Curtis. The movie's available on DVD and if we matched on it, I guess you've seen it somewhere. Here's a trailer and the Wikipedia entry. Here's a very brief summary: It's about a future dystopia where global warming turned into an ice age and the only living humans are on a circum-global train running on a perpetual motion engine, rigidly class-stratified and population-controlled. Curtis leads a revolt.
I'd need to rewatch the movie again to be more specific and am waiting to get hold of a DVD, so I'll try to edit this request in a bit if I manage that. Happy for you to add any other characters in that you see fit, alongside these ones. Love this movie, so anything would be great, but I'm hoping for stolen-moment slash involving Curtis and either Grey or Edgar. Mason's mentioned just as a potential part of the plot or for threat value, and isn't essential. But I'd be happy with gen if you prefer that, as well, either more action/adventure, or Curtis's childhood in the Tail. If we're talking higher-rated backstory, maybe Curtis's coming of age sexual encounters be they het or slashy, and how do people in a train-bound society get any privacy anyway?

Thanks again, and have fun!
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