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December meme - Wanted: Fic or art

Okay, me again. I'm still working my way through a few catch-up meme posts.

[personal profile] kate   asked: Is there a story or piece of art that you want really badly but don't want to make? Who would you want to write it/art it for you, if you had your pick?

Well, it's going to be more can't make than don't want to make, but here goes.

A story
A while back [personal profile] telesilla  requested, in a snowflake meme I think it was, that someone do a remix of Make The Devil Feel Surprise - the BDSM fic where an underage Rodney becomes dark!John's (not so very innocent) boy on Atlantis - reversing that so that an underage John becomes Rodney's boy instead. In my more lunatic moments I've considered trying to write it, but what I'd really like is for [personal profile] trophic  to write it, as I really love trophic's John voice and kink writing. Trophic's works on AO3 are here.

An artwork (or fifty)
I'm going to go completely over the top here and also double-dip. I'd like a graphic novella written by Neil Gaiman and illustrated by the artists who made the Sandman verse, which is a crossover between the Sandman verse and SGA. I think John Sheppard and Morpheus'd hit it off, and of course he's old friends with Death. Also I'd like to see Rodney completely lose his shit around Desire and Delirium and have to be rescued. That'd be pretty cool! shit shit shit, now I've bunnied myself damn it...

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