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SGA Santa - Gifts and Recs

My gift-fic was from[personal profile] hoktauri - called Unburdened. It's AMTDI, a favourite trope of mine, and features a nicely feral John who's luckily overcome by an alien aprodisiac soon after Rodney's already confessed his feelings. Rodney's fretting and his attempts to talk to a near-incoherent-with-lust John were very in chacracter, and in the end, no harm's done and they both enjoy themselves and survive the experience. Many thanks to Hoktauri!

I wrote 3 stories, as I had a short bout of 'Madness' at the end!

My main story was Runner for[personal profile] whiteraven1606, an interactive Ronon-centric Ronon/John fic using a program I recently discovered, called "Twine" - really easy to use, but the fic went long and complicated on me. I'm happy with how it turned out and the writing experience was very interesting. I found the Twine system of interconnected text boxes where the moment you update the text it saves automatically very conducive to writing parts of a fic. There was one nasty glitch at the very end, right on my final deadline extension, where Twine for no clear reason crashed, and crashed my whole laptop. At first it looked like I'd lost the most recent chapter I'd written - 3 hours worth so I was shattered - but Twine has a thing where you hit a button and see the finalized html interactive fic, to check progress. I used that constantly, and was able to use my browser history to locate the last of those and copy-paste the bit I'd lost. Man, got a few extra gray hairs from that one! It's a lesson to continually save your work and extract proofing copies from the system (they get saved as rtf files). As ever I had fun writing Ronon, and it's the first time I've written second person POV - it's like an interactive game, so is in 2nd person "gamer-speak" - "You come through the Ring in a crouch, blaster up, senses on full alert." etc. At the end of each chapter I put in 2 choices, sometimes clearly different actions, sometimes subtler differences in Ronon's attitudes, like whether he wants a relationship with John or just a quick fuck then to take off again. The main narrative divergences are whether Ronon decides to have a relationship with John or not, and whether he trusts John or not. It's a Christmas gift-fic though, so there are no "Choose Your Own Adventure" outcomes like "You chose wrong: the asteroid explodes and everyone dies!" disasters at the end. The worst it gets to be is gen. :) I really enjoyed making it but man, it was complex! (pic of the structure of all the chapters and their connections, plus the pics in each). I'm going to make more interactive narratives, but maybe not so much in fanfiction - I think they'll be a great teaching tool in my RL work, to make quiz-like scenarios.

The other two stories were short treats. Divergence, Convergence, written for eviljr, is Lorne/Parrish (my first go-round with that pairing) and, as ever with me and Lorne, has Lorne as an artist. This time he's never been in the USAF so it's an AU.

The other story was Hail Mary, an attempt at writing John as a mnemonic courier, for a request by [personal profile] hoktauri . John of course refuses to do it by halves so unlike in the novel/movie Johnny Mnemonic he ablates his entire self with the mnemonic download, idiot that he is. Thank goodness the team were there to save him.

I have recs! I haven't read all the SGA Secret Santa stories as yet, but here are some I've especially liked so far:

Glad-handing the Neighbors - McShep fic by[personal profile] persiflager. The boys finally edging into a relationship, with a hilarious Rodney POV and very deft writing.

Erytheia - Genfic by rosweldrmr. A Jeannie-centric story of team and loss and trauma and healing, enormously satisfying.

Victories - Genfic by[personal profile] ceitie. Teyla and Elizabeth friendship - a very real description of what it would actually have been like after The Storm/The Eye - beautifully written. The best, most real sort of h/c story - I enjoyed it very much.

We Should Live in Salt - McShep fic, by[personal profile] busaikko. An mpreg story where Ancient tech (yet again!) knocks John up and he withdraws to Sateda until the baby's born. Slow building John/Rodney (who's the other parent) and some great ideas about the Ancients and their male surrogacy tech. Angsty in places, and unsentimental but ultimately happy, with John and Rodney finally getting it together.

Winter Night - McKay/Zelenka fic by[personal profile] kat_lair. Radek and Rodney move from pining and mutual misunderstanding to a first kiss, with a very nice Radek POV and nostalgia for winters on Earth.

Not Guided By Reason and The Touch of His Hand - Two Lorne/Zelenka BDSM fics by[personal profile] moonlettuce. They meet in a club and Evan finds his dom in Radek. A well handled first meeting, and a hot later spanking scene. Nice negotiation.

Supernova by [personal profile] alyse  - a very hot McShep fic where John and Rodney get it on for the first time while ostensibly doing supernova science.

The Unofficial SGC Guide For Uninformed Scientists and The Unofficial SGC Guide For Uninformed Officers - Two Gen fics by[personal profile] icarusancalion. A couple of nifty bookend fics about Zelenka and Lorne respectively giving groups of newbies the low-down about McKay and Sheppard)

Remedial Gun-Holding (and Other Survival Skills) - McShep fic by[personal profile] out_there. Mckay and Sheppard end up on a picnic date as a result of a remedial programme designed to stop the scientists dropping their guns and losing it in a crisis - amusing and some nice snark.

Four Coats - Genfic, by [personal profile] ladysorka . Teyla-centric 5-things fic where Teyla is loaned a coat several times - excellent Teyla voice and views into her life from childhood up.

Brand New Ballgame - Emmagan/Sheppard, by [personal profile] shetiger . A lovely courting-oblivious-John story in which Teyla finally decides to make her move at a baseball game. Great cultural details and nuances, and they're both very much in character.

I have Yuletide recs too, but that's for another post.
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