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"December" meme post - first kisses

Okay, so, I'm hopeless at regular memes - remind me never to try PEDTM. In my defence, I had to use the last few days writing and formatting two 3-hour exam papers, and I managed to put the final polish on my Ante Up Losers contribution. I'm even writing a story I've wanted to do for a while, and not for any challenge or deadline - that's almost a first for me.
I just wish I didn't have such a ghastly backlog of RL work sitting there glaring at me since before Christmas. *sigh*

[personal profile] resonant suggested: Talk about characters and their first kisses!
  • I love when these are tentative and a bit unskilled, but not out-and-out bad!sex level of disastrous. Teenage AU first kisses where they're experimenting are great, or when the characters aren't sure what reception the kiss will get.
  • I also like first kisses that turn really erotic, but for me that's mostly understatement about the mechanics of the kiss and more about what's going on elsewhere. I like it when a kiss is a little like a really subby blowjob - that same hunger and desperation. Also when they're kissing against their better judgement - almost against their will, knowing it's a really bad idea - but they can't help it. Hmmm, so obviously I really like power dynamics in my kisses, including first kisses!
  • I dislike the clichés like mouths crashing or clashing together (ouch! broken tooth, anyone?) and too much detail about tongues twining together makes me roll my eyes and sounds like mating anteaters. I'm also not personally into pain so too much biting of lips bothers me. Also, any focusing on saliva is a complete turn-off.
  • As to the characters whose first kisses I enjoy reading about - it'll be whoever I'm fixated on as a pairing. If I find the characters hot - even a bit inexplicably so, as with Rodney and John - then I'll want them to kiss. But if a writer can get me interested in a pairing I don't know I'll still enjoy it as long as the emotional connection's been made.
Here, have some John and Rodney first kisses I've liked.

From Abstain, by [personal profile] resonant (an entire fic made of UST):
"It's not forbidden," John said softly.

"Just dangerous as all hell," Rodney said in a harsh voice, but he raised his chin, and John took the invitation and kissed him.

For about a second it did feel dangerous, because all he could notice was how different it was from kissing a woman -- how Rodney's chin was rough, how his lips were wide and chapped and not soft at all. Then Rodney made a little longing noise and swayed against him, and, oh, god, oh, fuck, it wasn't dangerous at all, it was Rodney. He already knew how to be with Rodney. Being with Rodney was easy.

From LBD by [personal profile] sabinelagrande 
And somewhere in the middle of it, John leans in and kisses him, feather light, like he's afraid Rodney's going to bolt, that he's going to decide at the last second that this is the worst idea he's ever had.

Rodney's pretty sure this is the best idea he's ever had.

At this point, Rodney kind of wants to just throw him on the floor and fuck him silly, but that's not what happens. Instead, Rodney slips his arms around John's waist, pulling him forward a little, just to the right spot to kiss him properly; John lets him in, just like that, sighing into his mouth. Rodney's shoulders slump in relief, and he leans into John, pressing their bodies together.

From Vanilla by [Unknown LJ tag]
Rodney stares down at Sheppard, at his teasing eyes and grinning mouth, and grabs him by the head and kisses him. It's over fast and Sheppard doesn't even have the decency to look surprised. "You've got ice cream on your nose," is all he says.

Sheppard's been playing nice with Rodney's family all week -- sleeping on the couch without complaint, watching morning cartoons with Madison, barbecuing soy dogs with Kaleb, going shopping with Jeannie and voluntarily carrying around a diaper bag in public -- he's a big hit with the Millers. It makes Rodney like Sheppard even more, and since Rodney already likes him an embarrassing amount, this is just too good to pass up. He kisses Sheppard again, wet and deep, and Sheppard opens up to him, mouth cool and sweet as ice cream.

They kiss, slow and hot, with long strokes of tongue. Sheppard flips Rodney over, holding him down and kissing him, and Rodney's so far gone he doesn't even care about his grass allergies or the fact they're making out on his sister's front lawn. Sheppard gives him a series of wet, lingering kisses that have Rodney shivering from their heat. 
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