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I don't much like posting about the tough RL stuff, but I thought I'd briefly mention that things are pretty difficult. My mum's health's a lot worse and she's in hospital now and won't be coming home. She's not eating and barely drinking at all so it's going to be days or at most a few weeks.

I've known we'd get to this point in the not too distant future but it's still a gut punch coming back to a quiet house with just me and Possum the cat - who is, as per the icon, eminently fluffy and huggable. It was a huge adjustment when I moved Mum in to live with me after the Christchurch earthquakes a few years ago, and now it's equally huge coping with her not being here. I'm not feeling very adult about it, which isn't surprising given that it's my Mum, and she's my last surviving parent. I'm trying to do at least one adult-type task each day like Power of Attorney paperwork and tidying away her things from one room at a time. I go in and sit with her for several hours each day, just to be there, as she can't talk due to dysphasia.

I'll still be commenting, sometimes posting, and doing fan things, as it helps me get by and stay connected. There'll be a delay in posting some fanfics I meant to finish, though, as I have to be in a more upbeat space to write. So currently I'm focusing on art and podfic, and indeed art for podfic - covers for [personal profile] librarychick_94 's recordings of bomberqueen17's Other Plans, and [personal profile] esteefee 's Sentinel stories A.W.O.L. and Foothold. I'll wait until all those are done then do two main AO3 posts for each set.

Other things that help - watching Teen Wolf from go to whoa along with (a bit behind) [personal profile] hth who's doing a commentary 60 Teen Wolfs in 60 Days on DW. I never watched it past the initial 4-5 eps before - couldn't with Mum still living here as it scared her. I'm waiting for the Season 2 DVD to arrive so I can catch up with Hth. In the meantime I'm watching Season 4 of Game of Thrones, which at least makes me grateful that Mum's not being put to the sword but rather, getting to die peacefully of old age and Parkinson's. I'll miss the hell out of her, but it's her time.

I read and enjoyed Captive Prince - reccd by [personal profile] runpunkrun - and have downloaded the sequel to read - well-written, plotty slavefic. Also enjoyed Far Horizons (Ed. Sally Malcolm) - compiled SG1 and SGA spin-off stories, and Unascended, book 7 of the Legacy series of SGA spin-offs. Quite liked Halcyon by James Swallow, another SGA spin-off, which is set in a Pegasus steampunk world.

Plus, of course, re-reading a lot of "comfort fanfic", although at present I'll read anything good be it slash, gen, plotty or romantic, as long as it's not too dark. If you've got any favourite comfort fic recs, let me know.
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