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Pressing on, art, and a signal boost

Back into work, and gradually getting things organised at home. It's going okay but sometimes I just get very tired - mind you, a lot of that's chronic sleep deprivation, so I'm trying to get more of that. Um, get more SLEEP, sheesh.

In fannish things, I've been doing podfic cover art for [personal profile] librarychick_94 's excellent recordings of SGA stories (seriously, I can't recommend them enough, and I'm totally envious of how fluent and quick she is with the recording and editing.)

Covers for the Other Plans podfics by bomberqueen17
Covers for the Redemption series by [personal profile] esteefee
Cover for my own fic Prodigals (The Hard Prayer remixed) (yay and general squeeing!!!)
Cover for Personal Hero by MrsHamill
and there are some more planned.

There are a bunch of works I did between Christmas and now which I've neglected to mention here on DW and LJ - they got posted to AO3 after I last did my last catch-up post about fic or art I'd finished. The last few months haven't of course made regular posting easy. I don't feel able to code up all the links here, but they're over at my AO3 and include some Losers art for the ante-up exchange in January, and SGA art which is part 1 in a Shakespearean AU that I'm halfway through writing and will finish when I get a bit more energy. I'm also halfway through an OT4 SGA story. Also on AO3 there's a series of drabbles for the non-McShep Valentines Day SGA fest hosted by SGA-Saturday, and a Sheppard-and-McKay-cosplay-superheroes Valentines artwork as well.

Looking ahead, I'm signed on for the C6D/Due South Big Bang (a Dief-centric comic is the plan), and I'm planning to sign up to do a fic in The Losers Big Bang. If you're at all into The Losers, come on over and join in as a primary work creator, or do a complement, or beta or cheerlead - it's always a fun Big Bang. Here's a banner I made, with the link to the brainstorming "party post" about the various primary projects:

The bunny that bit me is for an "Ocean's Eleven" type of heist/con story where Clay needs a larger team and after recruiting the Losers, adds in the Leverage crew - the numbers happen to add up to 11 so that seemed like a sign! (of me being crazy, most likely...)

So that's me, for now. How are you guys?
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