Mific (mific) wrote,

Random bits

1. I decided to get myself another radio-cum-toilet-roll-holder. I've had one in the bathroom for ages, but Mum used it as a safety rail at one point so it's been a bit the worse for wear. Like, totally broken. A sad loss, especially as I had up-kitsched it with stick-on jewels, like you do. 

Replacing it's proving harder than you might think. If you ever thought about such a thing, which I suspect, nope.

The one still-existing USA maker doesn't ship to NZ but I've sent an email inquiry to a Chinese firm called "Brilliant Rich Electronics Ltd" (a very lucky name, I'm sure) so fingers crossed. Here's a picture of it, for those among you interested in bathroom kitsch. I, personally, like  any sort of kitsch, but am increasingly panicked about accumulating STUFF. But replacing something crucial's okay. 

2. In a linked anecdote, the only reason I witnessed the unfolding events of 9/11 in more-or-less real time was this very toilet roll holder. I have circadian rhythm sleep disorder and routinely go to sleep about 2am, often later. So very much not a morning person and generally a bit sleep-deprived, given that the rest of the world thinks the day starts at some ungodly hour. On that morning, I'd been unusually sleep-deprived the day before and crashed early, so I woke very early, about 6am NZ time, and on the loo, on autopilot, switched on the toilet-roll-radio (BBC World Service), to hear half a newsflash about the first plane hitting the Twin Towers. Disbelieving, I staggered into the lounge and put on the TV, and remained glued there for the next 3 hours. It's a bit like the Apollo moon landing - one of those things where you can always remember where you were when it happened. 

3. Totally unrelated, but I've been enjoying a webcomic called Wilde Life. Here's the start of it:  http://www.wildelifecomic.com/comic/1 
It's a low-key, slowly unfolding "supernatural stuff happening to an ordinary guy" tale, and while the plot's nothing special, the artwork's really something. 
Tags: kitsch, random links, real life, webcomics

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