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Dear Yuletide writer

Hi there!    First, I'm thrilled that you're writing in a fandom I requested, so whatever you write will be wonderful.
You might have noticed a slight theme to my requests, so I'm assuming that neither of us hates the vampire genre :)

General stuff - I can cope with most things including any rating or kink, but I'm not mad keen on extremely fluffy harlequin-type stories. Humour is great, and I love competence and cleverness, but am not fond of loads of self-derogatory ruminations. I also like AUs and crossovers - if it's a fandom I've written anything in, feel free to cross with that or do a fusion (see my AO3). I guess, it being Yuletide, I'd probably rather not have deathfic or a very sad ending, but I can cope with a bit of angst and wistfulness. Not too keen on partner betrayal either, unless it's resolved in the end. Also, extreme h/c with massive whump and not much comfort isn't my thing. I prefer slash overall, but am fine with het - and obviously I've requested two canon-het fandoms so there you go. :) Threesomes or foursomes are also fine, if you can sell them to me as viable combos. And I also like a good gen story, so don't feel you have to write pairings. 

Other than those overall guidelines, please feel free to write whatever you want, and not be limited by my rambly prompts as below.

Fangirl (novel by Rainbow Rowell)  (on wikipedia)
I read this recently and fell so hard (thanks to Punk for mentioning these books). Love Cath and Levi to bits, so any expansion on their story would be great. Does Cath ever finish Carry On, even if it's jossed to hell by the final book? What happens when Levi takes Cath to meet his family? What's their first time like? Or a more gen adventure set in their world, where their relationship's not the main focus - really, anything. This book's obviously the least vampiric of my four options, but if you can slip a little Simon/Baz stuff in there that'd be icing on the cake! My main plea is to not break Cath and Levi up please, and less of the Cath self-denigration would also be excellent - in other words, I'd rather she'd grown up a bit from the phase of the book, and was moving on, with Levi. 

Carry On (novel by Rainbow Rowell)
And so we have Simon and Baz, and their world. I love that it's Potteresque but a lot more adult and real, without the quaint separation of the Potterverse wizards from muggles, so anything riffing on that where there's a mix of magic and Normal/modern life would be cool. More worldbuilding about Baz being a vampire would be super - more about how it links in with his magic, etc. - and if you can figure out a way for them to have bitey sex without Simon getting turned, I'd love that, but it doesn't have to be kinky or high-rated - hell, turn Simon if you have to - whatever works for the story. Make up some cool spells! Invent a fresh villain! I'm extremely fond of Penny as well, so by all means weave her in. I'm not a big Agatha fan, but if you need her there for the plot, that's fine. Basically, any adventure in the Carry On 'verse would be really great. 

Only Lovers Left Alive (out on DVD, so you could rent it)
Adam and Eve, and Marlowe, are my faves here, especially Adam and Eve. Maybe some back-story about their past history in another century? What would they have been like in the fifties or 1920s jazz scenes? The sixties of flower power and rock concerts, or the Regency era? Maybe riff on the addiction aspect of the blood-drinking. Is there rehab for vampires? Putting them in a real-world NA or drug-rehab setting might be very cool and hilarious, with them having to conceal the nature of their 'addiction' and put up with pious platitudes and well-meaning counselors. I'd rather the story wasn't primarily about Eve's sister as she's a bit too annoying for my taste. (heh)  And Adam's music of course - anything set in the music world would be marvellous.

What We Do In the Shadows (out on DVD, so you could rent it)
This one obviously lends itself to humour, albeit of a somewhat black nature. I can handle it!  Also I'm a Kiwi, so feel free to either chuck in more local Wellington/NZ colour and detail, or to move them away entirely if you're not confident writing that. Maybe they travel back to Europe or go on vacation to the USA? Coffin-class, I guess, rather than cattle-class. :)  I have a secret hope for "mixed flatting" where Nick, Stu, Deacon and Anton move in together and try to make a go of it. Vampires and werewolves cohabiting, and Anton not being able to help himself going alpha about the chores not being done - fertile ground for snark and humorous mishaps. Doggie jokes and bad puns are all very welcome! 

So - a few ideas there, but as I said - do your own thing and ignore my prompt attempts if there's something else you're very keen to write. I'll love anything you do in any of these fandoms. \o/\o/\o/
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