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Silly season and book recs

Hi everyone - a very belated update. As usual, I fail at regular posting, sigh.

'Tis the season to be a bloody idiot so as usual I have way too many challenges and fests on the go. And RL work is busy and could easily expand to fill all my available time. See, this is why I take on so much fandom stuff - I'm crap at setting limits so I let the competing worlds I occupy battle it out. It's like a detente! (*momentary doubt as wonders if fully understands what a detente is but can't be arsed googling it. Or putting in the accents.*)

So, I am embroiled in:

due South Seekrit Santa - a fic, amazingly almost done! Plus even a beta lined up. This one's been fun - one of those stories where you take a ludicrous trope and try to make it play out sort of for real.

SGA Secret Santa
- I'm doing a fic for this - one very close to my heart and it's going well so far but needs a lot more work. But I'm happy as I have a beta lined up as well, so yay!

- I have of course googled my recipient and they only play on tumblr so I'm safe talking about it here. I went with vampiric themed fandoms this year, and am writing a fic in "Only Lovers Left Alive" which I'm excited about. Having checked out other fics in the fandon (not as many as I'd thought - is it the dreaded fear of het?) there's a hell of a lot of self-insert Adam/OFC out there. Mine will not be that! I'm currently undecided re A) an exploration of how they met in Elizabethan times (as then I can put sonnets purportedly by Kit Marlowe in it) and with Eve turning Adam. OR B) another '5 things' story with 5 snapshots of Eve/Adam across the ages - Elizabethan, Enlightenment, Regency, Jazz age 1920s, and Flower Power 1960s. If you have an opinion as to which of these I should write, feel free to comment! :) Also if anyone out there would be prepared to beta a fic in the "Only Lovers Left Alive" fandom closeish to the deadline, let me know!

Apocalypse Kree - an SGA fic due end of January. I plan to complete my 'After the Harvest' verse (John/Ronon/Rodney) which will be good to get done, but not short, durn it.

- I made art and someone is writing for that, whee! And I have claimed two arts *hides*. But, hey, it's not due until April 2016, so that's totally doable. 20,000 words, here I come. (Well, after Christmas, what with *points up*).

All the fics, all the time! I will have to be really organised and do this writerly thing of an hour's writing a day, or something. I'm not good at that as I have to be in the mood. But maybe I just think I have to be in the mood, because when I think about it, once I sit down and MAKE myself write, I usually do get caught up.

There's been art as well, just none that 's posted yet. The SGA-Reversebang works, and Podfic covers for librarychick_94's recordings of Shaenie's Indelible, which I'll eventually post once all the parts are done - what a major work for librarychick_94 to take on, wow. Also a book cover for happy_29's due South story from the recent Bang - almost done.

Reading and book recs
I asked for Fangirl or Carry On by Rainbow Rowell as well as OLLA, for Yuletide. I heard about Fangirl and Carry On on Punk's journal - just an aside but if Punk was eagerly waiting Carry On I figured they'd be good - and they are! I devoured them both in no time. Fangirl is about a young woman who's a BNF series writer in a Harry Potter-like invented fandom, struggling with a number of personal issues. It's a hero's journey for an ordinary (but talented) young person, with a very cute het love interest. Might not sound appealing but it's really great, as the characters are enormously engaging, and she mostly gets the fandom stuff right (other than the protagonist publishing on what sounds like an ff.net analogue). Carry On takes the very long-running fic that Cath was writing throughout Fangirl and does it as a novel, becaue Rowell got so caught up in her imaginary fandom she then had to write the story. That one's slash (Harry/Draco analogues). It's a marvellous subversion of the Potterverse as the issues are a lot more adult and there isn't the same artificial separation of the world into wizards and muggles, so it's a lot more hip and funny, while still having all the big themes of good and evil and personal journeys. The Draco-ish character's also a vampire, which turns out to be not as much fun as one was led to believe. I highly recommend them both. Start with Fangirl.

Continuing the vaguely Potteresque theme, I've been reading the Cormoran Strike murder mysteries by James Galbraith, aka J.K. Rowling. They're bloody good. Again, excellent and engaging main characters and nicely complex plots. Recommended if you like murder mysteries at all.

And PlaidAdder of AO3 and tumblr (author of some great Sherlock and Sherlock Holmes fanfic) is making her series of original novels in the "Women on Fire" verse available again, as free ebooks. Her WOF-specific tumblr is here and LJ site is here. You can comment there to ask for the books to be sent, or PM her a request and your email, or drop her an ask on tumblr.
The books are set in a verse with magical women who work with fire and have other special powers like telepathy. The main romantic relationship is F/F but the couple are separated. Again, it's the excellent characterisation that pulls you in, plus great storytelling and amazing worldbuilding. It's a gynocentric verse where women both run and are the religion and have power, sequestered away from a male-dominated neighbouring nation which has gone down the path of science, not magic and continually tries to encroach. A bit feminist wish-fulfillmenty, but I didn't mind that. In summary - highly recommended female-centric fantasy. And free! The first one is called 'Taken Child' - you ask for it and when finished or close to, ask for the next in the series. She responds very quickly.

Real Life
Still on the keto diet. Still not hard to stick to it. Have lost 11 lbs and continue to feel a lot healthier. \o/
Here's a Scientific American blog article about it ('Your Brain on Bacon') :) Vegetarians be warned, obviously.

My cat, Possum, is at the vet's overnight. He pretty much stopped eating in the last 3 days and I took him to the urgent vet today. Apparently he has an ulcer on his tongue, poor thing. Best news would be if it's just from an injury and already starting to heal. There are systemic causes but his bloods are OK, so fingers crossed. He's on a drip and having antibiotics. The vets have been great - called me twice with updates. Downside is they close 8am tomorrow so I have to collect him at 07.30 which for me is the asscrack of dawn, as I can never sleep before 2am. The house is so quiet without him suddenly pounding in through the cat door and demanding to be picked up and fussed. I miss him.

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