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Stuff I've Enjoyed

I should be writing, but it's hot here, and I'm not in the mood, so instead...
Here are a few random recs, and most of them will be well known to everyone. Still.

Gwyneth's amazing vid Way Down We Go (Captain America, Civil War). Not really my fandom, except when it is.

From that, the track "Way Down We Go" by Kaleo (an Icelandic band). This is Kaleo performing it inside a VOLCANO. OK, not an active one, sheesh. And wow, the lead singer's voice.

Again with the fandom-transcending good stuff, an amazing CA Steve/Bucky fic, now finished and not a WIP. Ain't No Grave (Can Keep My Body Down) by spitandvinegar. It's not essential but I  recommend reading The Needle and the Killing Done first - it  precedes Ain't No Grave and sets the scene with Bucky. 

I finished Ancillary Mercy, the 3rd in Anne Leckie's Imperial Radch Ancillary series. 
I know you all read it ages ago but I wanted to re-read books 1 and 2, and that took a while, what with distractions. Part-way into the book I was worried it was going to be too like Book 2 and there wasn't much new worldbuilding, although that was consolidated. But it gradually unfolded and developed and the ending was very satisfying, even though I was anti-spoiled, or possibly really spoiled? I can't tell, now. I reccd art for the series recently and a post attached to one artwork seemed to imply that Breq dies at the end, but that it was still a satisfying conclusion. So I was waiting for that, braced, and...nope, Breq doesn't die. And now I'm...not disappointed, exactly, but I was braced for it! And then I didn't need to be. Odd. Anyway, I liked it very much, and did an artwork of Breq. Might do some more Ancillary art, some time. 
And an anti-rec: Mad Max Fury Road. Lots of hype earlier and it took me a while to get a copy and watch it, so I'm way behind the curve here. For me, it was all externals and show - high-impact visuals and special effects but empty inside. No real characterisation, and how could there be with virtually no dialogue and most of that inane. A great deal more snark was needed (Mad Max II had it beaten hands down for that). Still, fans can fix most things, and I've decided there aren't enough Mad Max fusions out there in my fandoms, so we'll see...

On a brighter note, Amazing wooden xylophone that plays Jesu, Joy of Man's Desiring. Seriously, it's the best. People, their ingenuity. 

Much of the above brought to you via tumblr, which is still very annoying but (annoyingly) contains some great stuff. 
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