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Dear creator letter - Ante Up Losers

first, my apologies. I burned out a little after the xmas challenges and then have had massive internet hassles with mostly no connection for over 2 weeks. But mostly I've just been a bit down and not attending to stuff. Trying to rectify that now. But agh, I cannot make the pad format what follows - ok, sorted in html. Anyway, thank you so much for making something for me! TBH I can't figure out what the codes in my sign-up mean, but I'm pretty easy to please - happy with all tropes, kinks and pairings, and with any AU, fusion or crossover (although ideally crossed with a fandom I've ever created in - check my AO3). There's no-one I hate in Losersverse, so no no-go zones really, although I did say I'd prefer not to get partner betrayal, or heavy hurt with little comfort. As in my sign up, angst is fine but I'd prefer some hope by the end. I can handle deathfic if it's set in Comicsverse and canon deaths, but not so much in Movieverse.  I'm not full of ideas right now but I like the dynamics in threesomes and like a Roque who isn't wildly OOC but who's also not a complete dick like in canon. And I love Pooch and Jolene a lot, especially a strong Jolene fighting for her family.     But basically I'll be delighted with whatever you choose to make!
Tags: ante up losers 2016, dear creator letter, rl suckage

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